Whale Expeditions - Puerto López - Manabí - Ecuador

Puerto Lopez

A paradise waiting for you!

Whale Expeditions - Puerto López - Manabí - Ecuador

Whale Expeditions - Puerto López - Manabí - Ecuador

Red Footed Boobie

Isla de la Plata - Machalilla National Park

Whale Expeditions - Puerto López - Manabí - Ecuador

Puerto Lopez

The capital of heaven ... Your destination the Ecuadorian coast.

Whale Expeditions - Puerto López - Manabí - Ecuador

Isla de la Plata

Whale Expeditions - Puerto López - Manabí - Ecuador

Isla de Salango & Islets of the Machalilla National Park

A submarine world to discover

Whale Expeditions - Puerto López - Manabí - Ecuador

Los Frailes Beach

Its white sand and crystal clear waters .. They invite you to dream

Whale Expeditions - Puerto López - Manabí - Ecuador

Whale Watching Season 2018

With Whale Expeditions Ecuador

Whale Expeditions - Puerto López - Manabí - Ecuador

Isla de la Plata

Magic paradise to enjoy ...-We are waiting for you!

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Whale Expeditions - Puerto López - Manabí - Ecuador

The best place to enjoy your holidays

Whale Expeditions Tour Operator.

We are a tourism operator made up of young, dynamic and enterprising people, with 17 years of professional experience in the operation of sea and land tours, guiding and organizing programs for national and foreign tourists, business groups and educational institutions.
Our area of operation is Puerto Lopez county, Machalilla National Park and the central coast of the Spondylus Route.
Our main objective is to provide quality service and warmth where tourists can enjoy the different activities and services we offer.
To meet these objectives we have marine and terrestrial transportation services, different types of accommodation and food, bilingual and specialized guides.
The greatest credibility of our activities is an excellent team directed by Angel Pincay Quiroz our General Manager and
Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism  with 25 years of experience guiding in Machalilla National Park


Whale Expeditions - Puerto López - Manabí - Ecuador, we are specialists in adventure and guaranteed fun, in addition we offer 100% safe tours ..!


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Amazing Tours & Activities

All our tours are designed by experts in adventure and fun, who wait to book the tour of your life ..!

Bird Watching Tour

From $$ 45,00 Por Personas. / pax

bird watching ,Machalilla National Park,Ayampe River,Tumbesina Region,Tour Puerto Lopez

Student Program

From $$ 75,00 / pax

Puerto Lopez, Daily Tours, Programs, Machalilla National Park

Whale Watching Tour

From $$25,00 / pax

The Puerto López marine area is the most important place in Ecuador for whale watching,

Isla de la Plata Tour

From $$$ 46,00 / pax

The island of La Plata is considered as Small Galapagos

Island of Salango Tour

From $$$ 25,00 / pax

A new alternative for tourists and visitors who like to enjoy the sun, sea and sand in a natural environment is the visit to the island of Salango


From $$ 500,00 bote privado / pax


Mountain Bike Tour

From $$ 40,00 por personas / pax

Mountain bike route ,Machalilla National Park,Agua Blanca Conmunity,Humminbird way,goat way,sport adventure.

Diving Tour

From $$ 150,00 / pax

The Machalilla National Park not only covers the continent but also has a marine area influenced by the Humboldt Current where we find coral reefs with a biodiversity of marine species such as; fish, turtles, stingrays, crustaceans and cetaceans.

Puerto Lopez Total Program

From $$ 180.00 / pax

Puerto Lopez, Machalilla National Park. Playa de Los Frailes, Agua Blanca Community

Our Services And Benefits

Welcome to Whale Expeditions - Puerto López - Manabí - Ecuador


In addition to our offices, you can book tours or contact us through our portals.

Free Wi-Fi

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Restaurants & Bars

We are located in the best sector of the city, on the Malecón a few steps from the sea and near the beach bars ..!


We offer the best volunteer options in the Machalilla National Park.

Boat Tours

Sport fishing, Isla de la Plata, Snorkeling, Whale watching in season, are some of the activities you can do.


Ask our agency for the lodging recommendations that exist in Puerto López..


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